Metro Media Playerknown issues as of 1/6/2014

MKV File Support

We are currently following the standard set forth by the Matroska project which defines a set of minimum features players should handle. The minimum features have been defined by a set of 8 files that are meant to cover the basic features a player should support to be considered a good Matroska player. The following table describes MMP Pro's support of those standards:

Feature x86 ARM
1. Basic File Supported We are investigating...
2. Non default timecodescale & aspect ratio Supported Supported
3. Header stripping & standard block Supported Supported
4. Live stream recording **Mpeg 2 codec is not supported in Windows 8 Metro apps. **Mpeg 2 codec is not supported in Windows 8 Metro apps.
5. Multiple audio/subtitles Supported *We are investigating...
6. Different EBML head sizes & cue-less seeking Supported We are investigating...
7. Extra unknown/junk elements & damaged Supported Supported
8. Audio gap Supported Supported

*MKV files with secondary audio streams or with embedded subtitles fail to load. Currently, the MKV engine is unable to handle files with embedded subtitles or secondary audio streams. You will notice that when attempting to the load the file, the progress ring spins endlessly and never returns. We are working to solve this issue and hope to have an update in the near future.

**MKV is a “container”, not a codec. An MKV file can have a video stream that is MPEG (like MPEG 1/2) or H.264 (MPEG 4) or Theora or audio streams such as MP3, AAC, etc. Only MKV containers that use codecs which are natively supported by Windows 8 will load correctly. If a file uses a codec that is not supported by Windows 8, you may get an error dialog reporting as such or the video or audio stream may not play. This is normal and expected behavior.